Client: Casa Cervecera Cru Cru 
Services: Brand Identity, Interior Design
Collaboration with: Bala , Mexico City, 2017.
Role: Art Direction. Graphic Design. Interior Design, Brand Strategy, Concept Development, Creative Direction


Cru Cru is an artisanal beer and brewery located in Mexico City. The name Cru Cru comes from the sound the grasshoppers make and from the fact that the grasshoppers are a symbol of Mexico City and it’s prehispanic past.

From a beer it grew to have it’s own brewery were events are held and it’s own bar. For all the scopes involved design work was created for all points of contact of the brand with the users, from editorial design to narrative environments concept creation, like the fictional Radio Cru Cru that plays in the rooftop bar in Mexico City with the Cru Cru grasshoper being the radio show host. 


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