Santa Abundancia
Photography: Rodolfo Noyola
Brand Identity & Interior Design: Bala , Mexico City, 2017

Role: Concept Development, Brand Strategy, Naming, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Design


Santa Abundancia is an integral project of brand identity where we created name, the identity applied to the space and graphics. The creation process was inspired by the generosity of the Mexican traditional homemade dishes where is one becomes a deity offering richness in splendid proportions, since the value offer of the restaurant is related to this relevant attribute, named it as Santa Abundancia.

In addition to this divine expression, a second factor takes place when exuberance is related to gastronomy, this pair of situations are key elements to exalt in the discourse of its brand identity.

The visual and verbal resources help us to make a speech full of energy and good vibes; shapes, colors, phrases and illustrations contribute to tell the story in which we appreciate the existence of Santa Abundancia in our foods.


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