Client: West Bay Senior Living
Services: Positioning, Branding, Naming, Web Design
Collaboration with: Flux Branding , Los Angeles, 2018
Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Graphic Design


The Variel is a luxurious senior living complex in Woodland Hills, California.

Based on the positioning developed by the strategy team at Flux, I worked researching and analizing context and users to create a conceptual platform to build the design work on: The logo was inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which repairs broken pottery with gold and lacquer. Where the end result of these “gold scars or wrinkles” is much more beautiful than its original unbroken form. A conceptual ode to the wisdom that comes with aging, while graphically referencing growth, complement and union, as well as the letter V.

Complementing logo, an identity system was designed as well as style guide, website and email communications that highligh the project’s essence: a location that not only seems enticing for seniors but could easily be mistaken for a vacation destination. 

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